Words to Help and Heal

A healing heart is strengthened by love and memory.

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Fill not your hearts with pain and sorrow, but remember me in every tomorrow.

Remember the joy, the laughter, the smiles, I’ve only gone to rest a little while.

Although my leaving causes pain and grief, my going has eased my hurt and given me relief.

So dry your eyes and remember me, not as I am, but as I used to be.

Because I will remember you all and look on with a smile. Understand, in your hearts, I’ve only gone to rest a little while.

As long as I have the love of each of you, I can live my life in the hearts of all of you.

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Love doesn’t die

Give what’s left of me away, now that I’m gone to heaven.

Remember me with a smile and laughter. And if you need to cry…cry for each other, those who walk in grief beside you.

And when you need me, put your arms around anyone and give to them what you need to give to me.

I want to leave you something…Something better than words or sounds.

Look for me in the people I’ve known or loved or helped in some special way.

Let me live in your eyes as well as in your mind.

You can love me most by letting love live within the circle of your arms, embracing the frightened ones.

Love doesn’t die, people do…So when all that’s left of me is love, give me away as best you can.

I’ll see you soon, where I’ll be waiting.

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I Hope He Knew

Can’t change the world
Can’t stop a child from killing another child
Can’t promise you’ll see the sun rise tomorrow
Can’t touch you and take away all your pain
Can’t make it is easier for you to take a breath of fresh air
Can’t make it easier for you to keep what you eat
Can’t make the weak stronger then what they already are
Can’t do anything for you that you
Can’t do for yourself

What I can do is to be with you
As you are taking that walk through
The hell of life you’re trying to live through
Stand by your side for the whole ride
Hold your hand if that is what you need
Wrap my arms around you
In those final moments of time
Make sure you do know you’re not alone
Show to you that someone really does care
Than that someone who sheds a tear over you
Let you feel love before life has moved on
With you passing over to the other side of the ride
Leaving behind a friend or brother in this place and time
Just letting you know now what my thoughts
About all of this are
That is what I can do just for you

© 2016 Mason Leach Super Star Fund