How to Help

Encourage others to donate to the fund

One simple way is to send an email to family and friends with a link to the fund. If everyone sends to at least 10 from their email list, we believe we will reach our goal of $25,000 for the fund this year.

Please share on Facebook and Twitter with friends. You can also create a birthday wish on Facebook supporting the fund. It’s simple and easy to do and has proven to be very successful.

All these things can make a huge difference in what we can accomplish in Mason’s memory.

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In kind

We are committed to helping kids learn how to give back in their community. American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) does so much here locally that has both national and international impact. We want to help create that connection to the organization that is right in their backyard.

Kids can collect donations at their birthday party such as: gift cards, toys, toiletries, crayons and coloring books. This is a great way to encourage community service.

American Childhood Cancer Organization is always in need of donated new items to help children and families. A community project can be to collect items for the organization.

In this tangible way, kids and families can be involved in helping the Mason Leach Superstar Fund have a real impact on kids and families through ACCO.


For Mason’s race and other activities we often need help with various activities. In addition, we can always use volunteers who are willing to help us reach out to local donors and supporters to help raise money for Mason’s Fund. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email us.

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